I love me so much is a self-love brand dedicated to providing resources to incorporate self-care on a daily basis for women of all ages. We have recently created  “The First Love Program” which is Mentorship for young ladies ages 14-22. The First Love Program inspires young ladies/women to love themselves, live healthy lives, walk in authority, be confident, and to gain self-awareness. In today’s society it’s important as women that we know the value of ourselves and others. This starts at the teen level and can set the tone into adulthood.

Development – The first love program will provide

  • Training/workshops
  • Special events
  • Hand on activities
  • Community service projects
  • Programs within the local High school 
  • Leadership Programs
  • College Prep Activities

Meetings- TBD

We Love, We Encourage, We Create and, We Empower

Are you interested in being a Volunteer or Donating? If so email tiffany.turner1986@gmail.com