Dear Summer…

Well as you know summer has officially come to an end. Summer I will miss you, you are my  favorite season and I can’t wait for you to come again. In memory of my favorite season I will share some of favorite end of the summer activities. Let’s see the last update I gave you all was my trip to the  beach.  The next major trip I took after that was to the BAHAMAS!!!! OMG when I tell you I had the time of my life. It was so beautiful, and HOT!!! I actually traveled on a cruise to my destination. If you haven’t already I strongly recommend you go on at least one in your lifetime. I was say It’s a great away to get away for everyday life and have some major self reflection time. It’s so peaceful and stress free. I came back to the states re charged and rejuvenated. One thing I did learn Is that I can function just fine without my cellphone and social media. It felt good to not be tied down to anything. I actually told myself that I was going to start doing that now turning off my phone and just enjoying life.

Because my summer was a little eventful I won’t go into details on every trip or activity I participated in. Instead I will just share photos. Enjoy!!!


I can really say I  had a very eventful summer overall. I hope you enjoyed some  of my favorite moments from summer 2017. Until next time my love. OH… I almost forgot Hey Fall!!


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