Have you ever had felt like it’s been one of the days at work and you’re just ready to run home unwind…Yea I know I literally have a day like that once a week. Just being honest. So once I head home instead of complaining stressing thinking how the day has been I started a creating techniques to relax after a long day.

I have my fav five that will surely make anyone’s day better.

(1) The first thing I do is turn on my groove playlist in the car and sing like I’m in somebody girl group. My playlist consist all of my favorite 99-present r&b, neo soul music.

(2) Next I come in house and head straight to the shower. I know it’s funny but I don’t believe in living my bra on longer than 45-hour after getting home. So a shower and lounge wear are a must for me.

(3) I light a candle. Right now I’m so addicted to bath and body works/white candles. I’m currently waiting for the semi Annual Sale so I can rack up again.

(4) The most simple but needed thing is Wine. That’s the perfect “Wine down” Beverage. Per the doctor a cup a day keeps the pain away. I think that’s how it goes. Hey don’t quote me on that.

(5) Last but definitely not list a soothing face mask from the one and only MaskerAide. I recently partnered with them to share my thoughts on their skin care products. MaskerAide is Canadian skincare line that provides creative and fun face masks. They literally have mini face mask with different shapes on them. I must say after using this cute rose gold mask I can tell a different in my skin already. You can find these masks in stores world wide.

Thanks MaskerAide!

So ladies and gents the next time you are heading home and need ideas on relaxing for the night take advice from my list and you will surely feel relieved and don’t forget to get your MaskerAide product today!!!

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