So today I decided to participate in the Serendipity Blogger challenge. The goal is to create a new blog post and publish it the same day. Today’s topic What’s on your playlist? “My Top 20 favorite songs”. I figured this should be a fun topic. I’ve never really combined all of the favorite songs before. Can you imagine all of your favorite songs being on one playlist?

Take a look at my Top 20…
FYI the songs aren’t in any particular order.
1. Kandi Burruss- “Me and You” – The lyrics pretty much say no matter what happens it will always be the two of us, because you’re one of a kind.
2. Usher “Love in This Club and the Remix”
3. Michael Jackson “Rock with you” – ( That’s my jam) I use to wear out that MJ Experience. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t a member of the Jackson Five… I Even have the t-shirt and the glitter shoes..

4. Jill Scott “He Loves Me”- I mean who doesn’t love that song
5. Justin Timberlake “Senorita” – I’m a huge JT fan, hey if anyone ever wants to bless me with a gift, I’ll take tickets to his concert. (My bday is in June FYI)
6 & 7 Teedra Moses “Rescue Me” and ” Be your girl ” – I believe she deserves a lot more recognition than what she gets. The the woman is very talented.
8. Future – Anything I’m just a fan period…
9. Rick Ross – “Usual Suspect” In my mind he’s my Uncle and no one can tell me anything different. Rick Ross can rap about how blue the sky is and that’s going to be my new Jam.
10. Slum Village, Kanye West & John Legend – “Selfish”
11. Camp Lo – “Luchini”
12. Tasha Cobbs – “Confidence ” Every time I listen to that song during prayer it changes my entire mindset. I know God’s going to work it out no matter what.
13. Jay Z- ” Dear Summer ”
14. ASAP Rocky -“Long, Live A$AP”
15. Drake – ” God’s Plan” I’ve been a fan of Aubrey way back to the mix tape days in undergrad.

16. Richard Smallwood “Calvary” -Yes I’m an old soul
17. Lesdi “Alright ” – That song will cheer anyone up.
18. Letoya Luckett “In the name of Love-” I love this song, it just makes you want to go love on your other.
19. JLo ” I’m real” – The Original version ( it just makes you want to dance) Yes Jenny from the Block!!!
20. Frankie Beverly Maze & Raheem Devaughn “We are one” – of course, the original version is an all time favorite, but Raheem did his thing also… I can listen to Frankie anytime

Well there you have it, 20 of my favorite songs. Now, this isn’t all of my favs, these are the first ones that to come to mind.

So… Let me know in the comments below what’s that one song that comes on, and you instantly say that’s my Song!!!

Until next time my loves!!


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