Since, I just recently returned from vacation at beach and it’s the beginning of travel season. I thought I would share some of my must haves while traveling. Sure its’ some things you can do without or purchase when you reach your destination. But really who has to time to go buy necessities when you’re on vacation. It ‘s better to make a list, either physical or mental and go from their. Now let’s start with the most important must haves for me while traveling.

1.My flats iron or curling irons — Or anything that will be needed to maintain my hair. Baby listen it will be a total struggle without them. I’m natural and don’t have time to be walking around with swollen hair. Oh I almost forgot I wouldn’t dare travel without my edge control!! LADIES YOU KNOW WHAT I AM MEAN.

2. SNEAKERS/TENNIS — When you travel you never know exactly how much walking will be involved so it’s always safe to bring comfy shoes. I’m not really that much of a sneaker girl, but after I went to New Orleans I told myself I would never travel without them again. But to be honest since I was at the beach I primarily wore my sandals.

3. Skin Care/Fragrance- Bringing the proper facial cleanser is always important you don’t want to use just anything on your face. And the way my sensitive skin is set up. I prefer Drunk Elephant for my product of choice. Also, if you are a make up girl like myself you must have make up wipes to end the day. OH and let’s not forget some smells goods. My go to for right now is Chanel.

4. All Electronics- Although majority of the time when I travel it’s for pleasure. A cellphone is a necessity, however a tablet or laptop is just as important, camera, fire stick, and a wireless Bluetooth.(I literally have full concerts while I’m out town).

5. Extra clothing- Never ever travel without extra clothing. If you’re flying pack extra clothing in the carry on, and if you are taking a road trip pack that suitcase up. Emergencies happen and you rather have way too much stuff than have to wear the same underwear or outfit for more than one day! That’s not CUTE!

Well that’s it 5 items I will not leave out of my suitcase for travel. Of course, I could name more but, short and sweet is much better. Now let me know in the comments what are your 5 must haves when packing for travel.

Until next time my loves,

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