OMG!!! This past Wednesday was the premiere of Grown-ish and when I say I was so here for it!! I’m already counting down the days until next week’s episode. In case you aren’t familiar with Grown-ish, it’s a spinoff of one televisions highest ranked black sitcoms Black-ish. Black-ish is a comedy that focuses on real issues within the African-American community. The episodes are so powerful and  authentic. The episodes are based what ‘s happening in America. The show is considered a comedy sitcom.  Some people even call it the modern-day Cosby Show. I love it! See the link below for details on Black-ish.

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Now back to the subject matter Grown-ish. The show was amazing. From the music selection to the long list of realistic scenario’s young people go through while attending college or a university. If you attended an HBCU you know all about it (S/O) AAMU).

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Wait did anyone else pick up on the scene with the racial comment about “Magic Johnson”? Everyone black in the class turned around like wait a minute.

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There were so many focal points on the first two episodes. Listed below are a few things topics that stood out to me.

  • College Parties
  • Drug Abuse
  • Parents Calling Being Dramatic
  • Being ashamed of your parents and your back ground
  • Not being grateful for what your parents have done for you
  • Class Schedule – Last classes (Ugh I remember the struggle!)
  • Diversity
  • New friendships
  • Being a Loner
  • Dealing with sexuality
  • How to treat others
  • Racial comments/remarks
  • Balancing school and a social life
  • Partying too much
  • Maxing out Credits ( If you went to an HBCU you know about that. If you signed up for a credit card you received a free meal lol )
  • Connecting with your roommate – sidebar (S/O to Kristina the BEST ROOMMATE EVER!!! HEY GIRL!) Kristina taught me so much about academics, organization, confidence, hair maintenance, and style she inspired me to wear my first pair of pumps!

I recently watched an interview with Yara Shahidi (Zoey) explaining how she handled all of the thorny topics while filming the show. See below..

With such a substantial introduction, I can only imagine what the remainder of the season will convey. So guys let me ask you a question. What did you think about the show? And how many of you can honestly say you can relate to some of the topics discussed. Let me know what you think. Until next time my loves!!






Hello Loves,

It’s been awhile and actually this new post is from a month or so, but it means so much to me I thought I would share. My boyfriend and I celebrated our Anniversary recently, and I just wanted to talk a little bit about it. I will first say I’m really grateful that God blessed me with such a beautiful individual in my life. I have prayed that God shows me what it takes to receive who and what he has for me. I’ve also worked towards allowing things to falls into place and not question it. I genuinely believe that Christopher is that person that has been prepared for me. He has helped me grow in so many areas in my life.  One major area is self-love. A perfect example would be breaking down walls; I can commend him on that. Trust me it hasn’t been easy, but I can honestly say he hasn’t given up and has been extremely patient. Between the two of us, he is the more patient one lol. P.S. babe I when you read this I love you for that. I just continually pray for a lifetime of happiness with him. Now when it comes to learning about relationships, I did do my homework.  I wanted to find out others opinion on what they did or do to when it comes to relationships. Below are the links of two of my favorite’s books in reference to relationships and love. I would strongly recommend these books for both men and women. The books are very informative.

The 5 Love Languages


The Wait

Now back to my Anniversary weekend. Our Friday was so cute we gave each other the majority of our gifts on that day.  Our official Anniversary is 10/22 or on that Sunday. Christopher did really well; he gave me some of favorite things.  One gift in particular was a sweet treat from Edgar’s. Side bar if you haven’t had a slice of cake from Edgars you’re really missing out omg!! My sweetie really put thought into my gifts.  As far as my gift to him I did something memorial for him.  I compiled pictures for every month of the year and gave it as a keepsake! It’s so funny how you can really think the same as you other half, because Chris created an album of us for my gift also…UH, can we say soul mate lol!  No but seriously the gifts we gave each other came from the heart. Honestly, thoughtfulness and keepsakes mean the world to me. Monetary doesn’t always have to come first.


I think the best part of our Weekend was how it ended which was in the house of the lord. Remember A couple that prays together… well you know the rest but just in case.. Stays together…  Overall our weekend was pretty much about spending time together and enjoying each other’s company. I truly enjoyed myself and look forward to everything Gods has in store for us.

Take a look at some of my favorite photos. The pictures really sum up or relationship I like to fuss; he loves to laughs at me and puts up fingers in my pictures. Honestly, it makes for a great relationship when you can have fun. Well I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time my loves.