Taking this recent break from social media has been so good for me. I took time out to evaluate the things going on in my life. Reflection from time to time is always a must for me. The first thing I always ask myself is, am I happy with the current situation I’m in or am I going through the motions?

The Findings

After taking time to think about it, I learned a huge lesson about myself. I learned that I still struggle with insecurity from time to time. Weird right, how can I be an Influencer whose goal is to inspire others when it comes to self-love and doubt my d*mn self. My first thought was Am I hypocrite? I mean really… Then I told myself No, I’m just human.

I had to really sit back and think about what was making me feel insecure, one thing, in particular, is actually blogging/digital creating. Trust me I’ve learn you must develop tough skin in anything you do. People will talk about you, treat you badly, or just be mad at you for no reason. When all you’re really trying to do is breathe life back into people. It made me question is this really something that I still want to do, and of course the answer was yes.

I’ve learned alot on this journey, and now knows it’s ok to still work through the insecurities you share with others. It just goes to show that I’m human, and still working on becoming the best “T” I can be. I know it sounds corny, but hey it’s me.

So next time you feel insecure in an area of your life that you feel you should be comfortable in, just know it takes time. As long as you fight to make it better that’s all that matters.

Until Next time loves,


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