Why do we stay in the situations we know we should walk away from? Now I know you’re thinking what is she talking about.  If the first thing that came to mind was my relationship, you’re right. Now before you get your popcorn i’m not talking about my romantic relationship  I love that man! I’m referring to a workplace relationship. In case you didn’t know if you have a job/career you have a work relationship. Relationships no matter what type all have similarities.

 Let me give you an example when you first start a new position you have to learn about it, become comfortable and excel within it.  Does that sound familiar to you love birds out there? Don’t Worry I’m waiting….. 

But what happens when a relationship becomes toxic? Do you dread going in every day, do you cry about it,  do you cuss about it, or do you end up stuck afraid to walk away? If any of the feelings  I named sound like familiar to you don’t feel bad.  It happens so often you won’t even realize it’s happening to you.  I recently went through the hardest break up in a work setting that I ever had to deal with.  I was threatened, lied on, and treated different based on my skin color. It was so much going on it literally almost consumed me. 

I had to make the decision that was best for me and my sanity.   Now let me tell you I did some heavy praying and just when I was about to say I’ll stay, God sent me a sign!!!  Honey let me tell you GOD is so good!!!

Now my sign didn’t come in the form of a clear answer I had to figure out what to do with what God sent me. So went with my go to which was writing.  I wrote down my thoughts, prayers, goals, and even budgeted out my finances child. I wrote down any and everything that would help me make a final decision on what I needed to do.  It’s funny I called my friend every single week and told her I was walking out, I know she was so tired of me but she never showed it. My tip to anyone who’s ever dealt with a break up would be to find something therapeutic to help you through a troubled time. Also make sure you have  a healthy support system to help you through it.  Ain’t nobody got time for a negative Nancy’s keep it moving!!!

So after talking with God  I was like ok Lord you have my attention show me what I need to do next. The first thing I realized was if I love myself as much as I say I do I will take the necessary steps to have a happy and healthy life even in the workplace.  It was simple I had to be ok with “Walking Away,” and  I also had to put applications like it was a 2nd shift job. See you can’t expect things to happen for you in life without putting in the work. DO THE WORK!!! Guess what happened next???  I got the call and the JOB!! 

When I tell you to this day, I believe that was the best decision I ever made in my life. Now I am finally free !!! I have my smile back, and I moved on to a better!!! So a long toxic relationship!  Hello Happiness!!! Let me leave you with this…. Never Settle…You are one the most valuable things God put on this earth, and you deserve to be treated like it. I made it out and so can you. Oh to be Free!!!

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