• Rian Verge says:

    Loved it, it brought back so many memories! I was amazed at the fact that they were able touch on so many topics within the first two episodes! I also enjoyed the fact that I saw so much of my younger self in Zoey, and was reminded of how far I have come, lol. And most importantly, they kept it REAL. I am looking forward to following her and her friend’s journey, can’t wait for the next episode?

    • TiffanyTurner86 says:

      Yes it really took me back! I Felt the sameway that was definitely the old Tiff in college. I’m excited as well to see what happens i’m sure we’ll be in for treat.

  • hadassah says:

    i guess i have to see this show! shes such a lovely girl so this must be good! Thank you for the review

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