• Katrina Dunning says:

    I love it sis! You have grown into a beautiful woman. I can’t wait to see the new heights you reach with your blogging!

  • Erika Patterson says:

    I freaking love it Tiff Tiff !! You are truly amazing ! A lot of these notes I can use for myself . There are some business plans Antonio and I are working on and I must say your blog will be a huge inspiration on jump starting this venture for us ! Thanks Tiff ! ?

  • Badi says:

    Love these goals! I love home God is playing a huge role in your life, goals and year. Girl with him in your heart you will knock these out of the park. Laughing at matching ‘his’ and ‘her’ outfits. My husband and I inadvertently end up matching all the time so we are ‘that’ couple too.

  • Nieta says:

    I love this part: “Your plans = Your way (Incorporate a style that works for you).” We get so caught up on “doing it right” or how we think others do it and lose sight of the fact that you are you and must do what works for YOU. I say this all the time when I give advice. My way isn’t necessarily the right way for you. Great read.

  • Cleo says:

    Awesome! These are great tips I will share will met friends/family! I feel these will help me continue to be great!

  • Ashley Rae says:

    I love the point of doing things your way on your own time! It’s important to know that there is no wrong way when it comes to your own projects!

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