This thirty age range is very interesting. Things literally change daily and I’m still working on being ok with that. Of course we all know not all change is bad, it’s more of a light bulb moment. Like oooo okay, I get it. The only thing is, it can take a minute for us to understand. I just want to say to the person who told us when we were little, we would have everything together and figured out in our twenties that was a damn lie.

Do you really ever figure out things? Or do you just create new methods to work towards what you want. “I’ll take you will never truly figure out everything Alex for $1,000”. I’m just saying.

If I can really be honest I went through a time of doubting myself, hell I actually just went through it about a month ago. I felt like I should be really moving towards fulfilling my entire purpose. But things kept getting in the way. It felt like I was in a fight and kept getting knocked down.

So I took some time back from things and figured out how to avoid being discouraged, down, or depressed when things don’t go how I wanted them to go.

Tip from Tiff – If you’re feeling down or not like yourself. Give yourself a day or so. Then get up and tell yourself ” you got this, push through BOO!!!

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