The simple things…..


You know the smallest thing can make your day so much better.  Let’s remember self-love is an action that we must practice, and one way of doing that is just getting out and enjoying the simple things in life. When it comes to date ideas coming with new ideas of what to do can become a challenge. It’s always good to think of something fun to do that doesn’t take to much thought.  In other words, keep it nice and fun. I thought to myself what would be a great activity to participate in this weekend and the first thing that came to mind was to go on a little day get away.  So that’s precisely what my boyfriend and I did. Now, remember a getaway can be a short distance outside of your local city.  We went to have dinner on the river and had the best time.


It’s always great when you can get your Bonnie and Clyde on and just ride( and yes I did say that lol).  It’s good to take time out to do things that you love and not worry about how big or small it is. Spending time with my love and just taking a ride.  I try to do that whenever I have some free time just take a trip sometime we let our minds get full of so much we need just to release.  Never let your life become so consuming that you don’t take time for yourself. Until next time ladies.

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