It’s always a plus when you have a friend who has a vision similar to yours. In my case, it just so happens to be one of my best friends so that makes it even better. Meet Shamieka Marie a beauty vlogger and one the baddest make up artist I know.

I’ve been waiting so long for us to collab, but when you live miles apart you have to get it in when you can. So since Sham came in town for Homecoming (Go Bulldogs) we decided to work a little then play. Remember business first then pleasure.

Oh let me just say this, speaking from experience Sham will definitely beat your face. While she was in town I literally was her walking canvas and received several compliments on face. Shout out to you Sham, out here making your dreams come true!!!!

It’s funny to see how much we have both grown over the years. We went to from being in college trying to figure what we wanted to do in life to being full-time professionals by day, and brand builders by night. Now don’t get me wrong the journey hasn’t been easy.  We both worked in different fields until god put us in the profession he had for us. We also both started blogging/vlogging and quit!  Yea been there.. But it takes real friends to through storms together and hold each other up.That’s why it’s always good to have a friend to hold you accountable and let you know YOU CAN DO IT!! Now get back to it!

Sham thank you for being a Friend!!!
Here’s to the beginning of our journey, the progress we’ve made thus far, and to the future…  Everyone make sure you follow along for the ride and remember if we can do it so can you!
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Shout out to our photographer Jflakespro, if you are in Alabama or the surrounding area make sure you book him.
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