With Turkey Day less than a week away. It’s time to get together your best fit for thanksgiving dinner. It’s funny I’ve seen so many post on social media about dressing up to go sit inside a house on Thanksgiving like it’s out of the norm. It’s not for me, honey I show up “dressed” to go sit on the couch for the holidays. I put on my best to enjoy family time and gives thanks. To me it’s nothing wrong with dressing nice for Turkey Day. So with that being thanks to my friend and Blogger sister Canesha of “Crowned by Canesha’ I’ve decided to share what to wear to  thanksgiving dinner. The dressy casual edition.

Now let me say this I’m the one that comes to dinner with a full face of make up on, booties, a cute purse and possibly a new outfit Thee whole shebang… Hey it’s nothing wrong dressing nice to eat. That’s actually something I picked up from my grandma and mother they rarely down so I’m just following what I was taught. I’m just going to stick with its Hereditary.

Now on to the outfit.


I decided to break out my thigh high boots and my faux fur. It’s funny I’ve had this fur for a while and this my first time wearing it. Yea I do that a lot. Does that mean I have to many clothes…????Naw I don’t think so.

Anyhow because I didn’t want to take away from the fur I decided to do all black with gold accessories. I feel like this is perfect outfit for celebrating with the FAM.

All thought I know it seems very dressy this is still a look that will definitely serve its purpose for Thanksgiving Day. I hope I was able to get your styling juices flowing with post. Let me know what plan to wear on Thanksgiving.

Outfit Details-

Faux Fur Vest – Belk

Black shirt – Jcpenney

Black strength pants – Target

Thigh Boots – Ashley Stewart

Necklace – Belk

Until Next time,

12 thoughts on “What to Wear on Thanksgiving Day

  1. I love that vest!! I love faux fur! And I agree you do have to get dressed for holidays with the fam even if it’s just to sit around the house, it’s still a must. Thanks for sharing

  2. I have no idea what I’m wearing for thanksgiving. I actually really don’t want to celebrate it. But hey I guess I will.

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