So it’s Monday and I’ve already heard two messages this morning that really hit home for me. So it’s only right that I speak on it. One message was to stop worrying. The other was don’t worry about why you were separated from something that hindered you. You don’t have time for it and you are on another level. If something didn’t work don’t be bitter or ugly about it just pray about it,ask for understanding about what happen, and move on.

Some things are seasonal. It’s funny in the past when I had disagreements or ended relationships it would make feel down or bitter. I felt depressed at times feeling like it was my fault. Then I had to realize that you can’t dwell on something. You have to pray about it and hand it to God.

Now that’s not to say that whatever it is won’t work out in the future, but for now keep moving and living. You have to be okay with whatever happens, living your life, and enjoy it. So no matter what happens in life take on what happens, learn from it, and move forward. Don’t sit in anything and remove your emotions out of it. When god is ready to show you the lesson from it, take it in and move on. If, you worry about everything that happens to you it will drive you crazy. And no one has time for that mess!! Use situations to bring you peace.

Now that’s not to say don’t give things a chance in the future just be open to letting things be. Also don’t allow anyone else’s perception of you effect your life. It would be crazy for me to focus on living my life around what people say about me. I would never be myself. It doesn’t matter if you live life doing everything “Right” someone will still find wrong in it. So stop worrying and live for you boo!

Thank you, Raven and Dana for speaking on these topics it was right on time! Until, next time my loves.

2 thoughts on “Why are you worried?

  1. I have found not worrying or even focusing on things that aren’t important have made life a lot easier. So letting it go definitely works.

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