It’s something about traveling to another city, I always feel the need to explore new eating places. I just like to try places we don’t have at home. On my previous trip to Tennessee/Nashville I just had to visit Five Daughters Bakery. Of course, I wanted to find out what all the hype was about. Thanks to my blogger bestie Crowned by Canesha! Thanks Giiiiirlllllll!

First let me just say this, Five Daughter Donuts has multiple locations including which include the Tennessee area. The first location we stopped at in Nashville, almost made me reconsider going all together. It was so crowded, it should be against the law. Luckily Franklin, Tn came through for the win!! We went to the Factory, an entertainment complex which had a lot of cool stores, restaurants, and shops to choose from.

Of course our first stop was Five Daughters, and when I tell you it’s like bakery heaven.

Although I know my purpose for going to the Factory was to check out the bakery. I did take a walk through of the entire building and snap a few pictures. If you’re in Tennessee and want to go somewhere different, make sure you check out the Factory in Franklin. Also get you a yummy treat from Five Daughters Bakery.

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