I remember when everyone used to cringe at the thought of online shopping? It’s been a while, so this is for my 80s babies or older crowd. Back in the day, the stores stayed packed, especially during this time of year. It would be a different sale every day, well not any more times have changed.

Shopping online is all I do now. Being a plus-size woman online shopping is one of my first go to’s when it comes to finding a different variety of clothing.

Picture this; you go into a clothing store thinking you’re going to get this cute skirt you’ve been waiting to come out. When you finally get to the store everything sells out. Not only have you missed out, wasted gas, but you’re still without an outfit. Then, you decide to go online, and you find the skirt you’re looking for with a coupon code to go with it. Sounds like a win to be me.

Seriously, I’ve found a lot more clothing options online, especially when it comes to plus size clothing. I can say this even though apparel choices have improved in local stores; I still feel like online provides way more options.

If you’re new to the online shopping world and need a little guidance, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! I’ve created a list of helpful tips to make your online shopping experience easy. See below.

  1. Read reviews ( As many as you can)
  2. Look for size charts
  3. Always read the description of the item
  4. Look and see what size the model is wearing
  5. Read the Return Policy ( carefully because you know how we do )
  6. Make sure the site you’re on is legit (if you haven’t heard of it stay away)
  7. Find online coupons ( we’re all about saving coins now)
  8. Research Shipping (if it cost more than the items leave it)

I hope these few tips serve you justice. Now, if you haven’t already jumped into online shopping, give it a try. Let me make this disclaimer, I’m not encouraging you by any means to spend unnecessary money, but if you have a few extra coins knock yourself out!!!

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