I never thought I would be the girl who would be wearing white boots as a fashion statement. Up until last year, you would’ve never caught me wearing them at all. It’s funny, I remember when I was a kid, I was forced to wear white boots on the flag corp in High School. I complained the entire time. Now white is one of my main go-to colors when it comes to clothes and shoes. My how things have changed.

This pair of over the knee boots from Shoe dazzle has stolen my heart. When I tell you they give you the right amount of chic and sexy. I mean you really can’t go wrong.

I really like the versatility when it comes to styling the boots, you can dress them up or down. For this particular look, I decided to rock a short dress. If that’s really not your style you could pair them with a midi skirt, over a pair of skinny jeans, or even leggings.

Heel Height

If you are like me over 30, and don’t have Meg the Stallion Knees you definitely will appreciate the block heel. The heel height is about 4 inches, which isn’t too bad. Just an FYI , if you like extra cushion in your shoes, I would definitely recommend you add your own.

Last but not least, if nothing else will make you want to get these boots this will. I purchased these shoes for 9.99 yes you heard it right. Don’t let this steal pass you by, go get you some boots!

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