Hi guys, so I’ve decided to incorporate a new segment on my blog called,”Winning Wednesday,” which will focus on some of my big and small wins. Everything will be discussed, from my personal life to my professional life.

What is Winning Wednesday??? A celebration of a individual who isn’t afraid to share their life with others, inspire others, teach others, use their talents to create, or continue to take actions better themselves. So lets all celebrate together.

As a digital creator, I know it’s not always easy producing or creating content. But so many people make it look easy. So for me, instead of complaining about what I can’t do when it comes to content creations. I decided to educate myself in the overall process. I took the steps needed to get started and strengthen my skill. Once I finished I figured, why not share my success for something I put so much time and effort into accomplishing.

To kick-off “Winning Wednesday,” I’m happy to say I’ve completed my certification in Marketing and Digital Entrepreneurship. Whoop, Whoop!! YES, your girl is legit. Not only am I working on my entire brand, but I’m also providing branding and marketing services. So, if you need any assistance with branding or marketing, I’m your girl.

One more thing! I have to give praise becauese, I’ve already successfully serviced several clients as a Marketing specialist. Now that I’ve share my win feel free to share yours with me and remember nothing is too big or small.

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8 thoughts on “Winning Wednesday

  1. Congrats on your win this week! My win is finishing my living room decorating. I’ve been putting it off for months due to lack of time, and well, I have lots of that lately!

  2. I’ve never heard of Winning Wednesday! I actually love the idea of self-expression no matter what the consequences are, great idea.

  3. Congrats! That’s a big win! In the world we live, that is such a smart thing to know how to do excellently. We are celebrating being back to work after taking some time off and it feels so good to be helping our clients again!

  4. Congratulations on completing your certification in Marketing and Digital Entrepreneurship! What an accomplishment! We should always celebrate wins of all sizes.

  5. Congrats on your certification! Marketing is such an amazing and interesting industry. I just finished my Masters in Global Marketing which was a goal I’ve had since I have a teenager (skipped right over undergrad thoughts lol).

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