Mother’s day is right about the corner. What usually would be a day of celebration through family gatherings, a day out, a trip to the movies, or dinner plans is now the complete opposite. With the majority of the United States still being in quarantine, our usual celebration plans will have to be altered for the safety of everyone. For someone like me, who makes a pretty big deal out of Mother’s day. This year I had to put on my thinking cap and come up with safe ways to still show appreciation to my Mother without crossing sanitation boundaries. So I did some brainstorming and came up with 5 Mother’s day gifts to make any woman feel good on her special day.

  1. Purchase an electronic device – For me, this is something I know my Mother’s needs. So I jumped ahead of the game and started doing some research on new computers and laptops. The goal is to give her this device for communication purposes. So she can have a full screen to video call me on. Instead of using her cell phone to Video chat, and the only thing I see is her Eyebrows. The struggle chile!

2. Start a Garden – As packed as Home Depot and Lowe’s has been, I know I”m not the only one with this idea. It’s an excellent safe gift you can deliver without stepping foot in the house. You can either get the garden started for her or just provide everything to complete the process. Either option is the right choice. Think about it; this will give the Moms a reason to get out of the house and get some much needed Vitamin D.

3. Order a nice Take out Dinner and Deliver it from OUTSIDE the house. Choose something from her favorite restaurant, order the food, and finish it up with a sweet dessert. I’m talking like a five course meal!

4. Plan an at a home picnic with social distancing – To make it even more fun, I would recommend having a theme. Hawaiian, Mexican, or Italian all are a good idea. It will be easy to execute if you plan on doing something like this for your wife or mom, and you already live together. 

5. Last would be to have a virtual Mother’s Day event with family and friends. Everyone could dress up and just get together for food and fellowship. It can be brunch, a tea party, or dinner, whatever you prefer.

Again all of the things listed aren’t your traditional mother day ideas, but I learned in 2020 that tradition has gone out the window! So instead of sitting around being sad about it, improvise.

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