Think Pink

Hey loves, It's time for look #3 In the color in all sizes series. With this being Easter week I figured it would only be right to share a perfect

Back in Black

For this week’s color in all sizes look I decided to go with my # choice which is black. Oh the joy of black dress, you can never go wrong

Color in all Sizes -Lane bryant Collab

Spring Series- Color in all Sizes. So the title of this post is pretty self-explanatory, but let me break it down for you. Since spring is in full effect I've

Travel Essentials

Since, I just recently returned from vacation at beach and it's the beginning of travel season. I thought I would share some of my must haves while traveling. Sure its'

Ten Things about me

Hey Guy since I've gain some new followers, I t thought I would share a little about me. If you are new to my page welcome to my world. It’s