Hello Loves,

It’s been awhile and actually this new post is from a month or so, but it means so much to me I thought I would share. My boyfriend and I celebrated our Anniversary recently, and I just wanted to talk a little bit about it. I will first say I’m really grateful that God blessed me with such a beautiful individual in my life. I have prayed that God shows me what it takes to receive who and what he has for me. I’ve also worked towards allowing things to falls into place and not question it. I genuinely believe that Christopher is that person that has been prepared for me. He has helped me grow in so many areas in my life.  One major area is self-love. A perfect example would be breaking down walls; I can commend him on that. Trust me it hasn’t been easy, but I can honestly say he hasn’t given up and has been extremely patient. Between the two of us, he is the more patient one lol. P.S. babe I when you read this I love you for that. I just continually pray for a lifetime of happiness with him. Now when it comes to learning about relationships, I did do my homework.  I wanted to find out others opinion on what they did or do to when it comes to relationships. Below are the links of two of my favorite’s books in reference to relationships and love. I would strongly recommend these books for both men and women. The books are very informative.

The 5 Love Languages


The Wait

Now back to my Anniversary weekend. Our Friday was so cute we gave each other the majority of our gifts on that day.  Our official Anniversary is 10/22 or on that Sunday. Christopher did really well; he gave me some of favorite things.  One gift in particular was a sweet treat from Edgar’s. Side bar if you haven’t had a slice of cake from Edgars you’re really missing out omg!! My sweetie really put thought into my gifts.  As far as my gift to him I did something memorial for him.  I compiled pictures for every month of the year and gave it as a keepsake! It’s so funny how you can really think the same as you other half, because Chris created an album of us for my gift also…UH, can we say soul mate lol!  No but seriously the gifts we gave each other came from the heart. Honestly, thoughtfulness and keepsakes mean the world to me. Monetary doesn’t always have to come first.


I think the best part of our Weekend was how it ended which was in the house of the lord. Remember A couple that prays together… well you know the rest but just in case.. Stays together…  Overall our weekend was pretty much about spending time together and enjoying each other’s company. I truly enjoyed myself and look forward to everything Gods has in store for us.

Take a look at some of my favorite photos. The pictures really sum up or relationship I like to fuss; he loves to laughs at me and puts up fingers in my pictures. Honestly, it makes for a great relationship when you can have fun. Well I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time my loves.





Self Love

Love all over Me….

So a couple of weeks ago I went out for a girls night to see Monica. Ya’ll when I tell you that Monica can sang excuse my language but the woman has skills. There are three key points I took away from this experience.

  1. Enjoy yourself- Sometimes we get so consumed with everything that’s going on in the world or just everyday life that we forget to get out and just have fun! When it comes to self love it’s always a good practice to get all dress up, do a little beat to your face and live life Hunni!! I haven’t been to concert in a few months so it felt great! Ladies if any concerts are coming to your city any time soon get you a ticket and have a night out!!! Ok now that we have discussed getting out, you have to have a partner to go with you. You can do a night out with your hubby, boyfriend, best friend, or just make it a girls night out(whoop whoop)!!



2.  Have a Girls Night- So I decided to make it a girls night out OMG I LIVE FOR THOSE!!! See when you get grown grown you have to schedule/plan for nights out with friends and they are very rare. Hey that’s just a way of life, the older you get the more responsibilities you gain, but that’s another topic for another day. Anyway I went with my Bestie and we had the time of our lives. Oh I almost forgot men will go see Monica,but if (some of them ) had a choice they would definitely let you go with the girls. I told my boyfriend( I love that man by the way) babe Monica is coming to town and he politely said oh ok babe I’ll get you a ticket to go with the GIRLS.. So you know I gave him the side eye right lol!!! Then he fixed it up and said I would love to come with you, but I think you would enjoy that more with your girls. See what he didn’t know was I was going with my friends anyway I was just seeing if he was down for the cause lol.I knew it was over when he said he hasn’t listen to Monica since “99” I was like oh ok… Now let me get to best part of the night Monica and message she gave while performing Love All Over Me…

3. Love All over me – Throughout Monica’s show she shared how she has been through so much, but she still made it and feels a love she has never felt before. When a person is truly in love or feels love you can you just tell by the way the interact with people. When you know learn how to love you share it with everyone. This can be through just saying I love you, praying for others, speaking words of Affirmation, or by expressing your love through a nice gesture. Monica really spoke to me and had me in my feelings in a good way. Do you ever feel like omg I love what’s happening to me but I’m a little nervous about it. Like is this really for me? Yes it is…  All the love that you are experiencing is just the beginning. So the morale of the story is that a girls night gave me a whole new outlook on life and self love. Ladies we truly have love all over us so embrace it and enjoy it! Remember this is just the beginning. Thanks Monica for putting it into perspective… DID I SAY THE GIRL CAN SING well i’ll just say it again. Until next time my loves!!!