Ten Things about me

Hey Guy since I've gain some new followers, I t thought I would share a little about me. If you are new to my page welcome to my world. It’s

5 sweet V’day Dates ideas!!

Valentine’s Day is four days away. Are you ready? If not I got you! Take a look at my 5 suggestions for dates for you and your special someone! 1.

Blogging in the New Year

I still can't believe it's 2019 and the end of January. I honestly feel like the new year came so quick I didn't have time to prepare. Hence, the blog

My “Sweet” Discovery

It's something about traveling to another city, I always feel the need to explore new eating places. I just like to try places we don't have at home. On my

Why are you worried?

So it’s Monday and I’ve already heard two messages this morning that really hit home for me. So it’s only right that I speak on it. One message was to