Well loves we are now officially almost a month into the new year. For me, this means it’s time to go to the next level. I plan to make this year better than the last. And to help me get started, I have created a list of 20 things I plan to accomplish throughout the entire year. I believe in speaking about what you want and working to make it happen. See my list below. 

  1. Boss up- this is self-explanatory, this means I’ll do more it’s simple. 
  2. Promote Marketing & Beginner Branding Service – I’m legit now, book ya girl!
  3. Upgrade my website – Create a digital space that I love. 
  4. Choose new graphics to add to my platform- New Business cards, logo, etc 
  5. Shoot Content on the regular- I’ve found my photographer (a tip for digital creators/influencers find you a great photographer to help you produce quality content).
  6. Attend Networking Events- Meet new people and network my butt off.
  7. Financial Increase- Make that money, save, and invest (say it with me we will have multiple streams of income in 2020). 
  8. Host & Speak at Events – share my purpose with others
  9. Attend Blogger/Social Events, and Festivals -share and cover my experiences
  10. Travel as much as possible – Jamaica, Mexico, New York, New Orleans, Texas, Tennessee, Atlanta, Florida, and New Locations TBD
  11. Build in my Relationship- Long term goal is love, happiness, and marriage. ( And some babies!!)
  12. Love on my Family- Family over evvverthang!!
  13. Build Stronger Friendships- Friends =Framily 
  14. Make a Big Move – Wait on this one
  15. Grow my audience – on social media platforms & in persons
  16. Give back to those in need – community, sponsor a student
  17. Health – Overall lifestyle change/journey
  18. Increase my credit – eliminate debt one by one 
  19. Get my LLC- Entrepreneur sounds good to me
  20. Dream Home – start planning for it 

This year, I’m really expecting to accomplish everything above plus more. If you haven’t already sat down and made you a list of goals do it today! Then start executing one by one. This is our year let’s make it count!!

Until Next Time,

3 thoughts on “20 for 20

  1. Ohhh Chile… this just fueled my inspiration! I many of the same goals as you this yesr and I’m making it happen! Oh and I’m loving this outfit, Super cute! You look gorg!!❤

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