ILovemeSomuch Turns 1


I still can’t believe my baby has officially turned one year old. I made it!! I completed my first year as an official blogger. I’m so excited about it and to be honest with you it wasn’t always easy, but it was all worth it. I collaborated with one of the top plus size companies within the US, been featured in a magazine article for blogging, was chosen as of the Top 100 bloggers, I recently received an invitation to travel and provide a review on my experience while at that particular location. Those are just a few of the small experiences I’ve had within the last 365 days. But I can’t forget to mention the most important lessons I learned so far learning myself, growing as a woman, how to encourage others, focused on never giving up, being open to feedback, and became open to meeting people (especially fellow bloggers). Now let me say this blogging is like a second job and takes dedication and time. So just a little advice invest in a planner, it will become your best friend. You need something to keep you organized, if not child you won’t know if you’re coming or going. Another essential tool needed for blogging is a camera/ photographer. Let me shout out my love (Chris) and friend (Jurian) for saving me a lot worry and stress by taking my photos you guys are amazing!!!



If I can be honest, I was so nervous when I first hit publish on my very first blog post. I wasn’t sure of what people would think of it or about me. Then I remembered my entire purpose for becoming a blogger, which was to encourage others to love themselves enough to do what they like and are passionate about.  Remember you never know who you could touch with your story. And I say this regardless of what it is whether it’s blogging, starting a business, pursuing your career,  maintaining healthy relationships or marriage when you share your stories someone will listen.  Always remember this, whatever you do if it only helps one person you’re doing the right thing!!

Although I am just getting started, I’m so grateful for the what I learned thus far and looked forward to seeing what the future holds. Trust me I’m up for the challenge, this is JUST THE BEGINNING!! So stayed tuned. Also, I want to say thank you all for your support!!

Here’s to one year down and many more to go!



OMG!!! This past Wednesday was the premiere of Grown-ish and when I say I was so here for it!! I’m already counting down the days until next week’s episode. In case you aren’t familiar with Grown-ish, it’s a spinoff of one televisions highest ranked black sitcoms Black-ish. Black-ish is a comedy that focuses on real issues within the African-American community. The episodes are so powerful and  authentic. The episodes are based what ‘s happening in America. The show is considered a comedy sitcom.  Some people even call it the modern-day Cosby Show. I love it! See the link below for details on Black-ish.

Image result for blackish cast

Now back to the subject matter Grown-ish. The show was amazing. From the music selection to the long list of realistic scenario’s young people go through while attending college or a university. If you attended an HBCU you know all about it (S/O) AAMU).

Image result for Grown ish magic johnson

Wait did anyone else pick up on the scene with the racial comment about “Magic Johnson”? Everyone black in the class turned around like wait a minute.

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There were so many focal points on the first two episodes. Listed below are a few things topics that stood out to me.

  • College Parties
  • Drug Abuse
  • Parents Calling Being Dramatic
  • Being ashamed of your parents and your back ground
  • Not being grateful for what your parents have done for you
  • Class Schedule – Last classes (Ugh I remember the struggle!)
  • Diversity
  • New friendships
  • Being a Loner
  • Dealing with sexuality
  • How to treat others
  • Racial comments/remarks
  • Balancing school and a social life
  • Partying too much
  • Maxing out Credits ( If you went to an HBCU you know about that. If you signed up for a credit card you received a free meal lol )
  • Connecting with your roommate – sidebar (S/O to Kristina the BEST ROOMMATE EVER!!! HEY GIRL!) Kristina taught me so much about academics, organization, confidence, hair maintenance, and style she inspired me to wear my first pair of pumps!

I recently watched an interview with Yara Shahidi (Zoey) explaining how she handled all of the thorny topics while filming the show. See below..

With such a substantial introduction, I can only imagine what the remainder of the season will convey. So guys let me ask you a question. What did you think about the show? And how many of you can honestly say you can relate to some of the topics discussed. Let me know what you think. Until next time my loves!!